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17 Jan 2012

INVERELL meat processor Bindaree Beef has created a novel method of selling its product direct to the public in a way that educates and enlightens consumers.

Bindaree Beef director John Belbeck and his son Dane, with Greta Francis (right) and her children Nathan, 8, Lillah, 10 and Benjamin, 8, who shops monthly at Establishment 182.
Bindaree Beef director John Belbeck and his son Dane, with Greta Francis (right) and her children Nathan, 8, Lillah, 10 and Benjamin, 8, who shops monthly at Establishment 182.

The northern NSW family owned and operated processing plant launched Establishment 218 in Sydney’s inner-west in October 2010.

The retail centre’s name derives from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service registered export number that Bindaree Beef trades under on the international market.

Consumers who visit Establishment 218 at Alexandria enter a chiller where they can select prepacked beef or lamb and pig from whole carcases, as well as a range of other products.

After paying at the check-out, they go to the butcher’s counter where their meat is sliced or prepared any way they like.

Butchers are on hand in the chiller to offer advice about the best cuts for a particular meal or budget and to answer questions, and a large TV screen shows how the meat is prepared and processed at Bindaree, which was founded by John “JR”McDonald in 1981 and now exports to more than 40 countries.

Mr Donald’s son-in-law John Belbeck wanted to create a centralised distribution centre and recognised the opportunity to offer meat direct to the public.

His son Dane, who has worked in every area of Bindaree Beef’s Inverell plant including the quality assurance department and as a boning room supervisor, is now intrinsically involved with Establishment 218.

Mr Belbeck said Establishment 218 was growing steadily with an “eclectic” customer base ranging from single pensioners to upmarket restaurants and catering firms.

“Considering that the retail sector is in a fairly cautious mode, to record growth each month has been great. Obviously what we’re doing with the shop is right,” Mr Belbeck told The Land.

“The aim is to put top brands that we process directly into the hands of consumers.” 

On offer is Trip A Angus, the Meats Standard Australia-graded New England Country Beef, Sapphire City Grainfed and Bindaree Gold pasture fed. 

“We have four grades of product, but the most important thing is that because it’s all sourced from Bindaree we can offer high quality and because it comes directly from the plant it is consistent.
“People make a selection, then get their meat sliced how they want; for example, they might buy a whole scotch fillet and ask for a certain number of 200 gram steaks, a certain number of 300g pieces and the rest whole.”
Detailed labelling informs buyers of the type and age of the beast, as well as how it was fed.
“People can make an informed choice.”
The company is not afraid to put its processing up front. 
“The TV shows part of the slaughter floor, our workforce in the boning room, the quality-assurance lab and the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) room,” Mr Belbeck said.
Asked how meat purchased at Bindaree Beef might differ from meat bought elsewhere, Mr Belbeck said Establishment 182 aimed for consistent high quality at competitive prices.
“You can certainly buy this top-end quality product elsewhere, but you can’t buy it as cheaply.”
The team, encompassing three generations of the family, has been surprised by steady demand for old-fashioned cuts such as beef cheek, oxtail, kidney and brisket.
“Everything sold through the shop – condiments,marinades and smallgoods – comes from Australian-owned companies with products produced in Australia. We have nothing that’s imported.” 
The family has a policy of tasting everything before it is offered for sale.
“We eat a lot of everything,”Mr Belbeck said with a laugh. 

 Establishment 218 Price List
Per Piece Avg. Weight
Rump $12.99/kg 7 kg
Scotch Fillet (Cube Roll) $31.99/kg 3.5 kg
Eye Fillet (Tenderloin) $32.99/kg 1.4 kg
Porterhouse (Striploin) $19.99/kg 1.5 kg (portion)
1kg Mince (85 chemical lean) $8.99/kg 1 kg
Standing Rib Roast (OP Ribs) $23.99/kg 4 kg
Per Piece Avg. Weight
Rump $10.99/kg 6 kg
Scotch Fillet (Cube Roll) $30.99/kg 3 kg
Eye Fillet (Tenderloin) $31.99/kg 1.4 kg
Porterhouse (Striploin) $16.99/kg 3.5 kg
T-Bone (Shortloin) $14.99/kg 7 kg
Per Piece Avg. Weight
Rump $9.99/kg 4.5 kg
Scotch Fillet (Cube Roll) $25.99/kg 2 -3 kg
Eye Fillet (Tenderloin) $28.99/kg 1.4 kg
Porterhouse (Striploin) $16.99/kg 3.5 kg
Per Piece
Rump $8.99/kg Diced Rump $10.99/kg
Eye Fillet $24.99/kg Beef Kidney $2.25/kg
Scotch Fillet (Cube Roll) $18.99/kg Ox Tail $9.50/kg
Porterhouse (Striploin) $12.99/kg Beef Cheek $8.99/kg
Gravy Beef $7.99/kg Rump Cap $9.99/kg
Osso Bucco $10.99/kg Corned Beef Silverside $9.99/kg
Beef Roast $7.99/kg Veal Backstrap $27.99/kg
Chuck Steak $8.99/kg Veal Rack $30.50/kg
Short Ribs $10.99/kg Veal Knuckle $13.99/kg
Skirt Steak $10.99/kg
Brisket $7.99/kg
Per Piece
2kg (85 chemical lean) $6.99/kg
1kg (95 chemical lean) $9.99/kg
Per Piece Per Piece
Lamb Sausages Thin $10.49/kg Lamb Chipolatas $10.99/kg
Lamb Sausages (Rosemary & Mint) $10.99/kg Beef Sausages Thin $9.99/kg
Lamb Sausages (Honey & Mustard) $10.99/kg Beef Chipolatas $10.99/kg
Bindaree Beef Mince
Our Sapphire City cattle are hand-sourced and given a nutritionally
balanced, high-energy feed in Ausmeat accredited feedlots.
Check in store daily for specials on fresh and frozen meat.
Bindaree Beef trading as Establishment 218. 29-31 O'Riordan Street, Alexandria NSW
Prices are per KG and are effective for 20.12.11 - 30.12.11. Prices and weights may change without
Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is a grading system guaranteeing tenderness by setting standards for,
and monitoring, the nutrition and handling of cattle from the paddock to the plate.
Our premium grass fed beef, cattle are 30-42 months to demonstrate a full beef flavour. Typically from
North-West NSW, our cattle producers use the best genetics in cattle breeding. Raised and fattened on grass pastures.
Bindaree Gold Grass Fed Beef
Sapphire City Grain Fed Beef
e: sales@establishment218.com.au ph: 02 9690 0979
notice. All beef cartons weigh between 15-20 kg.
Fettayleh Smallgoods Sausages (Halal)
AAA Angus Beef
Premium Angus beef, 30 months or younger, sourced from our regional farmers in NSW.
Free-range pasture fed and 100-day grain fed finished. CAAB verified.
New England Country Beef (MSA)
Establishment 218 Price List
Per Piece Per Piece
Pork Leg Rolled $10.99/kg Pork Neck $11.99/kg
Pork USA Ribs $21.99/kg Pork Shoulder Roast $7.99/kg
Pork Premium Diced $12.99/kg Pork Belly Pieces $12.99/kg
Pork Frenched Rack $16.99/kg Whole Pork Belly $11.99/kg
Pork Tenderloin $18.49/kg Pork Loin Chops $10.99/kg
Pork Hock $3.99/kg
Per Piece Per Piece
Lamb Squarecut Forequater $9.99/kg Lamb Boneless Rump $16.99/kg
Marinated Leg Rolled $18.99/kg Lamb Loin Chops $18.99/kg
Premium Lamb Mince $9.99/kg Lamb Racks $26.99/kg
Marinated shoulder $16.99/kg Chump Chops $14.49/kg
Lamb Breast $4.49/kg Lamb Rolled Leg $16.99/kg
Lamb HindShanks $9.99/kg Lamb Backstrap $40.99/kg
Leg Lamb $11.99/kg Lamb Rolled Shoulder $15.99/kg
Lamb Neck $3.99/kg Premium Diced Lamb $18.99/kg
Per Piece
Bratwurst $12.99/kg Peri Peri Chicken $11.99/kg
Premium Beef $8.99/kg Pork Fennel $11.99/kg
Flavoured(herb & garlic; Mexican) $9.99/kg BBQ Thin $6.99/kg
Pepper steak $9.99/kg Moroccan Lamb $15.49/kg
Wagyu beef $15.25/kg 100% Angus Beef $14.49/kg
Premium Pork $8.99/kg Angus Sweet Mustard $15.49/kg
Roast chicken $11.99/kg Lamb honey & rosemary $11.49/kg
Per Piece
Shortcut 1st Grade Bacon $16.80/kg Ham Half $10.49/kg
Bacon $16.99/kg Ham Whole $9.99/kg
Chorizo $15.50/kg Prosciutto $6.99/100g
Free Range Chicken No. 18 $11.99each Chicken Breast $12.49/kg
SpatchCock $7.50 each Chicken Thigh $11.99/kg
Chicken wings $3.99/kg Duck $11.25/kg
Chicken Drumstick $4.49/kg Duck Breast Fillet $ 36.99/kg
Chicken Skewers $14.99/kg Beef Rissoles $8/kg
Lamb Skewers $17.99/kg Angus Beef Rissoles $10.99/kg
Beef Skewers $14.99/kg Angus Beef Burgers $10.99/kg

Source: farmonline.com.au


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