Philippines - Pig production

24 Sep 2010

“Native pigs can be raised without the use of chemical inputs and has high economic potential for those engaged in organic swine production," the bureau said in a statement.


BAI likewise said native pigs easily adapt to local conditions and can tolerate heat and cold environments better than imported swine.
“They can thrive well on locally-available feeds, including kitchen and farm refuse, and can cope with low quality feed and maintenance," it added.
According to GMA News.TV, the bureau said, without citing figures, that it hopes that the market for native pig — traditionally known as lechon or grilled pig — will expand.
Based on an ongoing study on the “Conservation, Evaluation, and Commercialisation of the Philippine Native Pigs," the bureau plans to establish a production system involving raising native pigs managed by farmers and with a view to propagating the practice as commerce.



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