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24 Jan 2013

While the overall selling average of £61.34 per head, or 147.9p/kg, was slightly down on the week, this could be attributed to the fact that the overall quality of the 3,144 head forward was not quite as good.
Skipton cattle ring
However, some great runs of smart lambs sold well, with Beltex pens to the fore. Clitheroe’s Peter Fox achieved top price per kilo at 240.8p with a first-rate pen, while Bryan Hall, Scaleber, had top price per head at £94 each, also selling two further Beltex pens at £82 apiece.
David Findlay, Coverham, presented lambs at 238.5p/kg and 236.4p/kg, or £93 and £84 per head, also selling a 32kg pen at 228.2p, or £73 each.
Grindleton’s Jimmy Towler was in the mix too at 228.9p/kg, or £87 per head, while other leading per kilo prices fell to Frank and Robert Fielden, Todmorden, at 225.7p & 214.3p, Tim Robinson, Longridge, at 219.4p and Michael Burnop, Clitheroe, at 218.8p, or £87 each.
Notable among the Texel entries was the top price by weight pen from Hayley Baines, Trawden, at 203.8p/kg, while David Calvert, West Marton, headed both the per head and by weight Charollais prices at £89 and 189.4p/kg.
Commercial export hoggs met with decent trade at 155-170p/kg, while hill lambs bucked the current trend, with handy weight Mule hoggs £11 to £13 over the weight at 125-130p/kg and heavy Mules 50kg plus at 110p-120p/kg. A good horned wether was 125p/kg-plus.
A big show of 469 cast sheep produced trade a shade easier than the previous week, with an overall selling average of £47.10 per head and eyecatching three figure highs for three Texel pens from Andrew Atkinson Livestock, Felliscliffe, at £114.50, £104.50 and £100 per head, along with a further pen at £104.50 from Jeff and Josh Ryder, Haverah Park. Cast rams prices peaked at £79.50 for a Texel from Stephen Crabtree, Bolton Abbey.
Like the previous week, RG Church, of Askwith, Otley, was a leading performer in the 37-strong primekg cattle classes when heading the selling prices in the under-30 month section with two Aberdeen Angus-cross heifers at £1,075, or 185.5p/k, and £1,006, 179.5p/kg. Top in the 30 to 48 month class was a British Blue from E&AM Simpson & Son, Pateley Bridge, at £1,043.63, or 181.5p/








Source: Argentine Beef Packers S.A.

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