Chile - Beef imports

23 Jul 2010

Chilean beef imports during 2009-10 increased 35% year-on-year to 133,822 tonnes swt. The rise was a result of the strong economic conditions, low domestic production and the higher imports from Paraguay, which jumped 36% to 79,503 tonnes swt.


Argentinean shipments to this market also increased a noticeable 36% to 39,419 tonnes swt during the period. However, most was imported during the second half of 2009 as production fell, with negligible recovery expectations during 2010.
Brazilian imports jumped 771% in 2009-10 to 10,859 tonnes swt as a result of increased access into the market. However, shipments from Brazil remain short of 2005-06's 24,593 tonnes swt.
Imports from Australia reached 1,715 tonnes swt (with the majority shipped during the second half of 2009) with an average CIF price of US$5,203 tonnes swt.


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