Australia - New meat works in Western Australia

03 Dec 2011

A study into the feasibility of building a meatworks in Western Australia's north has suggested an abattoir could be viable near Broome, but the region would need more irrigation projects to grow fodder.

The study also noted that the viability of a meatworks in northern WA would be affected if an abattoir is built near Darwin in the Northern Territory.
Brad McCormick, from the WA Department of Agriculture and Food, says the Stage 2 results of the study are a lot more optimistic about a meatworks than those of Stage 1, released last year.

"Stage 1 of the study was very clear about the stand-alone viability of a meatworks up north, which found that to do 400 head a day in a region where live exports dominate, it was never going to work," he said.

"So stage 2 of the study was all about finding out what would need to happen in the industry to support a viable operation.
"The consultants identified a change in mindset in what you mean by viability, because unless you had a meatworks as one element of a supply chain, where supply was sorted and markets were sorted, then it can never work.

"So the softening in this study is really around the environmental changes that would need to happen to support a successful supply chain as opposed to a successful abattoir."

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