Australia - New meat works in WA

13 Jan 2012

The company getting ready to build a meatworks on Kilto Station, near Broome in Western Australia, says the abattoir will be used as a pilot for a much bigger abattoir to be built in the Shire of Derby/West Kimberley.
Jack Burton, from the Yeeda Pastoral Company, says plans are underway to build a meatworks on Yeeda Station capable of handing up to 300 head of cattle a day.
There has not been an abattoir in the Kimberley since the Broome meatworks closed in 1994.
Mr Burton says he's hopeful governments will be more than supportive of his company's plan, given the current uncertainty in the Indonesian export market.
"If this (Indonesia cutting imports) is not a wake-up call to governments to seriously support some abattoirs or some alternative markets in northern Australia, then nothing is," he said.
"So the whole idea of the pilot meatworks at Kilto is to test the water with our own cattle and make sure we've got market acceptance of the product.
"We'll get some product into our potential markets and then get some contracts signed so when we hit our straps with a bigger facility we're not floundering with a heap of product with nowhere to go."
Mr Burton says "Organic Kimberley Beef" will be sent to both international and domestic markets.
The proposed meatworks on Kilto Station, located 70 kilometres from Broome, was given approval by the Broome Shire last week.
Mr Burton hopes to process the first beast through the Kilto facility by March 2012.
The Yeeda Pastoral Company owns seven cattle stations in the Kimberley, including a feedlot and irrigated fodder project on Kilto Station.

Source: newsroom - meattradenewsdaily.co.uk


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