UK - Birmingham Trading Standards attempt to Clean up the Halal Industry

22 Aug 2012

The Birmingham Trading Standards attempt to Clean up the Halal  Industry in Massive raid.

Allens Poultry ltd  as well as  Rapyal Halal Meat & Poultry Wholesalers, JKY and Premier Poultry have been  raided by Birmingham trading  Standards for allegedly selling non halal meat as halal along with 5 other Halal meat wholesaler In Birmingham.

On Tuesday 14 August The Birmingham trading standards, environmental health and west Midlands police  swooped on alleged rogue traders after the vigorous "You are what you are what you EAT" ANSA campaign on  Islamic TV Channels.

The Association of Non stun Abattoirs campaign prompted The local authorities to clean up the halal industry  in presueing cutting plants and slaughter houses who are labelling product halal or claiming to be slaughtering halal and are not.

 Allen Poultry,  Rapyal Halal Meat & Poultry Wholesalers, JKY and Premier Poultry   are some of business  raided by Birmingham trading standards  and had their computer and document seazed for further investigation on this alligation.

Image provided by Prime Equipment Group one muslim trader in Birmingham whosale meat market who doesnt want to be named said "What  Allens Poultry has done is uterly  disgraceful, how would he feel if I urinated, releaved myself on his meat surely he would be upset and that how the muslim community feels I for one will never buy from Allen".

 Mohammed Saleem Policy/Communication Direction ANSA said "This is a step in the right direction for Local Authorities following critism  for  for M/s Jacqui Kennedy, Director of Regulatory Services Birmingham, over Halal guide lines from FSA, Where  she was strongly critised for not doing anything to protect the Muslim community against Rogue operators like the HFA and KFC, with approx 25% of Birmingham Population identifying them self's as Muslim, It is about time Birmingham City Council catered for the needs of the Muslims consumers instead of brushing things under carpet or passing the buck".

Ahmed Kazi spokes person for Birmingham Jame Masjid   said " this is not fair under the guide lines all food has to be labeled correctly so that we can all make an informed choice and I am sure that other citizen of Birmingham who practice other faiths can not be sure that what they are eating does not go against their believes, more importantly we must all be supplied correctly labeled food."


Whilst scrooples Muslim and non Muslim meat trader are undermining the halal guideline for greed to profit at the expense of unsuspecting Muslims Consumers. This is one of  root cause why halal industry is in a state where the non Muslim fear  that they are being forced fed halal meat with out their knowledge.

Recent FSA figures show that upto 80% of the meat destined for the halal market is pre stunned as result Muslim from all branches of Islam met on 2nd of June in Birmingham at Birmingham Central Masjid to sign the "Birmingham Declaration" which clearly states defending the prophet method of zibihah and declaring pre stunn does not meet the requirement and the principle of the prophetic method of zihibah.

ANSA offers its support to all agencies working to improve the halal meat industry and at the same time urges the Muslims to exercise their right and ask for Non stun Products and ask to see the evidence and if you are not satisfied then to contact the local trading standards. 


1. Don't ask the supplier if he is selling Halal as no Muslim is going to say he is selling You Haram.

2. Ask him for the 4 digit EEC number it will be on the box if it is chickens and it will be stamped on the carcass if it is sheep or cattle. the same time support the currant good work of the enforcement officers.

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