USA - A look at Wendys

15 Feb 2013

The Wendy's Co. (WEN), the world's third-largest burger chain, finally looks to be finding its way after struggling for years following the death of its famous founder, Dave Thomas, in 2002.
In the past 18 months, Wendy's has gone back to its roots as a high-quality burger maker, introducing new menu items and more focused marketing, and rolling out a dramatic remodeling of its stores.
Results are notable, with same-store sales rising for six of the past seven quarters.
Investors have bid up Wendy's shares by 20% from an October low, but a recent price of $5.03 puts the stock right back where it traded around the start of the year.
But don't expect it to stay there, however, as the company beings to churn out appetizing results.


-By Dow Jones Newswires


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