USA - USDA has no understanding of E-coli and the killing floor

16 Oct 2010

Tougher food safety regulations have long been called for as the country has continually seen an increase in food borne illness outbreaks and food recalls. Now, said the Des Moines Register, the Obama administration is looking to mandate beef processors to check meat for more strains of the E. coli bacteria.


Right now, only strain O157:H7 is classified as a so-called adulterant, causing specific danger in ground beef, said the Des Moines Register.
Meanwhile, during the recent Bush administration, the Agriculture Department considered regulating other E. coli strains, but the idea was abandoned, noted the Des Moines Register.
The US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that every year at least 2,000 Americans are hospitalized, with about 60 dying as a direct result of E. coli infection and related complications. Most infections come from eating undercooked ground beef, drinking contaminated water, drinking unpasteurized (raw) milk, and working with cattle...

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