Ghana - Poultry farming

11 Oct 2010

An association of egg sellers has been established in Kumasi to serve as an interface between producers and consumers in the promotion of Ghana's poultry industry, reports Accra Mail.


This forms part of the 'STOP Avian Influenza' project by the United States aid agency USAID, to strengthen producers and marketing associations for the growth of the poultry sector.
According to national consultant, Dr Anthony Akunzule, the growth of the poultry industry will be stagnant without a vibrant egg sellers association, which is at the end of the poultry value chain.
Interest groups like tea sellers, boiled egg sellers, hotels and restaurants ensure that eggs produced on poultry farms are sold out at the doorsteps of consumers.
However, poor transport and storage systems are major challenges facing the egg sellers.
Unfavorable weather conditions result in inconsistent egg supplies and reduce the shelf-life of table eggs for the final consumer.
Dr Akunzule says STOP AI is supporting groups in the value chain, mostly producers, marketers and transporters to have a voice in policy formulation and implementation.
He believes the egg sellers association could be a good channel to promote the poultry industry.
The project also involves upgrading facilities in transporting and storing for the egg sellers.

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