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11 Jan 2013

Top 2013 restaurant menu trends.
The US National Restaurant Association recently released its ‘What’s Hot’ culinary forecast of menu trends for 2013.
The NRA surveyed more than 1800 professional chefs and members of the American Culinary Federation, to find that children’s nutrition and local sourcing will continue to be the hottest trends on US restaurant menus this year.
The top 10 menu trends for 2013 include:
Locally-sourced meats and seafood
Locally-grown produce
Healthful kids’ meals
Environmental sustainability as a culinary theme
Children’s nutrition as a culinary theme
New cuts of meat (such as Denver steak, pork flat iron, teres major)
Hyper-local sourcing (for example, restaurant gardens)
Gluten-free cuisine
Sustainable seafood
Whole-grain items in kids' meals.
Also included in the surveys were questions about other restaurant trends.
More than half of the chefs surveyed said they were making efforts to adjust dishes and recipes to be more healthful, while 37pc said they cooked with nutrition in mind, but that not all recipes were easily adjusted.
When asked how to best handle the increasing cost of ingredients, 32pc said changing menus, 25pc said adjusting plate composition, and 24pc said exploring new sourcing options. Only 4pc said that raising menu prices was the best strategy.


Source: Argentine Beef Packers S.A.

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