UK - Meat and bonemeal will again be used in livestock feed

12 Jul 2011

The United Kingdom government has started consulting over the reintroduction of co-product protein (Co-Pro) into pig diets.

The European Commission is seeking Defra's views on a draft regulation that will allow poultry co-pro to be included in pig diets.

In order to inform its negotiating position, Defra has asked NPA for its views on the Brussels proposal.

Defra is interested in the practical aspects of co-pro inclusion and in particular is seeking detailed information on the possible costs and benefits associated with any change.

The European Union Reference Laboratory for animal protein in feed hopes to validate a new test to check the origin of co-pro in feed by the end of this year.

The European Commission intends to continue discussions on the reintroduction plan in parallel with the test validation process.

It anticipates taking a vote on the draft proposal later this year subject to a validated test being available.

If the proposal is agreed at the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health, it will be scrutinised by the European Parliament and the Council for up to three months before adoption into European Union law.


Source: Pig World

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