Australia - Heart foundation get it wrong again

10 Oct 2010

Dairy Australia has disputed claims by the Heart Foundation that butter sales have risen 9 per cent on the back of the TV show MasterChef.


The Foundation says the high use of butter by the contestants is a worrying trend, as butter contains 50 per cent saturated fat.
It wants people to use margarine instead.
Nutritionist Glenys Zucco says Dairy Australia research shows an increase in butter sales of only 1.5 per cent.
She says the Heart Foundation has been on an anti-butter campaign for some time and is ignoring new research.
"The milk fat in butter is actually really interesting, it's full of over 400 different types of fats and all these different fats have different functions in the body," she says.
"And research is now telling us that these fats may even have a protective effect on heart disease in the end."

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