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04 May 2012

A Savage attack the credibility of Vion Foods (UK) by Guardian newspaper

The Guardian ran an article on Tues with the headline; “Farming co-operative takes on abattoir over future of meat industry”. This was not the usual “boots and all” expose, rather the complaints of a farmers group with 300 members who supply livestock to the Dutch meat giant in the UK.

If any of the allegations are true or even true in part, its time for Vion to take a long hard look at itself and change their attitude and perhaps their company policy, if they want to last the distance in the United Kingdom.   Read Story ……


Lynda Brown’s Blog on Soil Association’s Website
03 May 2012

Urgent: do you love decent meat?

Like most people, I’m passionate about supporting smaller family farms: they’re the living backbone of our landscape, rural life and food culture. If only, then, it were as simple as supporting them with your purse power. But it isn’t.      See story …..


The Guardian
Tuesday 1st May

Farming co-operative takes on abattoir over future of meat industry

Group representing 300 organic farmers says it is being bypassed by Dutch giant Vion, leaving industry more vulnerable                       See story ……



2nd May 2012

Farmers Co-op Challenges Vion

An organic farmers’ livestock marketing group has suspended trading with UK food manufacturing giant Vion, fearing that the meat processor’s increasing demands will have serious implications for smaller producers’ ability to get to market and will weaken cooperatives who act on their behalf.                    See story ….