UK - Linden Foods Northumberland abattoir will strengthen region's red meat supply chain

14 Nov 2010

Top quality Northumberland abattoir will strengthen region's red meat supply chain.


Funding is ensuring that the North East will get its first fully EU accredited abattoir which will strengthen the region’s red meat supply chain bringing benefits to farmers, wholesale butchers, retailers and consumers.


One North East’s Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) has approved £200,000 to make Burradon abattoir Linden Foods, in Northumberland, more efficient, raising standards and creating a more sustainable and profitable business.


The funding will address potential market failure in the region’s red meat supply chain which currently lacks such a high quality abattoir, meaning many animals are instead transported to Scotland, Yorkshire and the south.


As a result of the improvements to the abattoir, local producers will benefit from more demand for their livestock and an increased number of stock being finished in the region.  Retailers will benefit from increased efficiencies of slaughter speeds and more available capacity, which will produce higher accreditation within the supply chain.  Meanwhile wholesalers and retailers will also benefit from a more efficient service as well as a higher quality product due to improved processing equipment and faster chilling.


Adrian Sherwood, RDPE Manager at One North East, said: “In recent decades larger processors have migrated away from the North East, leaving the region with only a handful of small players.  It is therefore crucial to the future of the region’s livestock production and meat processing sector that abattoirs have the best infrastructure to provide the high value markets for the livestock produced in the region.


“The Linden Foods’ project will combine very modern, efficient and cost effective processing with the highest accreditations that the food industry demands.


“This high quality abattoir will also add value through reduced food miles and carbon emissions, through to traceability and locally branded products to the export market.”


Having bought Whitley Bay Meat Supply Company (Burradon) and Coast and County Meat Supply Company in 2007, Linden Foods Burradon, is primarily involved in slaughtering livestock and carcass preparation. The company currently employs 44 people but as a result of the investment, five jobs will be created.


David Bradford, Financial Controller at Linden Foods, said: “This investment from RDPE is essential for the business to move forward in a sustainable way by increasing our efficiency and raising standards to the level required by our customers.


“The improvements will also ensure that the sites environmental impact will be reduced and the quality of the end product will be improved producing win-win situations for both ourselves, the supply chain and our customers.”


The Rural Development Programme for England 2007-2013 is jointly funded by Defra and the European Union, with the aim of delivering targeted support to rural businesses and communities. It is managed in North East England by One North East, Natural England and the Forestry Commission.

About Linden Foods 


 Linden Foods form part of the Linden Food Group. The group consists of Linden Foods, Slaney Foods and Irish Country Meats. Together they form an integrated major fresh meat processing operation. The group has 4 strategic locations in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which are well served by both the major ports and road networks. Located in Dungannon about 40 miles west of Belfast in Northern Ireland, Linden Foods process top quality cattle and lamb.


In our modern processing plant we can slaughter and process approximately 1800 cattle and 4000 lambs per week.


The company's retail packing facility produces a wide range of products to meet customers' specifications.


We currently manufacture various ranges of branded and own label products for a number of well known high street retailers, together with convenience food manufacturers. Linden Foods have developed products to meet the requirements of the ready meal industry and add value to a whole host of their products. These range from ready to roast joints to novel burgers.

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Neil Sweeney - Sales Director
Neil is responsible for planning, and coordination of all red meat sales within the Linden Foods Group. This includes development of retail and food manufacturing customers. »
Alan Wilson - Primal Beef Sales
Alan is responsible for sales and marketing of primal beef to all the major meat packers within the UK and Ireland, plus servicing requirements for primal beef to the food service industry. »

Maurice Reynolds - Primal Lamb Sales
Maurice is responsible for the sales and marketing of primal lamb to all the major central lamb packers within the UK and Ireland, plus servicing requirements for primal lamb to the food service industry. »
Colin Freeman - Retail Pack Sales
Colin is responsible for the marketing, sales and account management of retail pack business, plus business development with new and existing customers in the retail industry. »
Mervyn Kinloch - Marks and Spencer Account Manager
Mervyn handles the management of Marks and Spencer account and associated business development and growth of the account, plus all related Marks and Spencer business. »
Vito Copelletti - UK Manufacturing Sales
Vito co-ordinates the sale and supply of fresh and frozen raw material to major meat product manufacturers in UK and Europe. »
Charlie Mitchell - Northern Ireland Home Sales
Charlie co-ordinates sales of beef and lamb to the NI retail butchery trade and services the needs of the local catering trade. »



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