Australia - Beef for Korea

03 Feb 2012

Australia exported a total of 146,347 tonnes swt of beef to Korea in 2012 – an increase of 18% year-on-year (DAFF). While the top five cuts shipped throughout the year were chuck roll (22%), blade (15%), manufacturing (11%), short ribs (11%) and brisket (9%), it was the first time since 2004 than manufacturing beef volumes exceeded short ribs.

Australian short rib shipments remained largely unchanged on the previous year – with over 99% of Australia’s total short rib exports ending up in Korea each year. Short ribs make up almost 40% of total Korean beef imports, and are used for grilling, soups or stews.

Interestingly, while Australia captured almost 50% of Korea’s total imported beef market share in 2011, it supplied only around 20% of the total short rib imports to the market. Shorts ribs made up almost 60% of total Korean imports of US beef and almost 45% of total New Zealand beef shipments (NVRQS).

Last year, Australia exported 19 different cuts to Korea with an annual volume exceeding 1,000 tonnes swt, highlighting an increasingly diversified trade.


Source: MLA.com


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