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01 Feb 2010


Buyers from as far a field as Hawke's Bay help the store cattle market to achieve good prices at Wellsford on Monday last week, Grant Pallister of PGG Wrightson reported.
Thirty-month steers 500 to 550kg made $1.71 to $1.73kg/LW, with 470-500kg sold for $1.72-$1.78kg/LW. Eighteen-month steers 350-400kg kilo made $1.83-$1.85 kg/LW, 300-350kg went for $1.83-$1.95kg/LW and 250-300kg realised $1.91-$2.11kg/LW.
Eighteen-month heifers 350-400kg realised $1.61-$1.72kg/LW, while 250-320kg returned $1.76-$1.83kg/LW.
R1 steers 150-200kg sold for $2.28-$2.74kg/LW, 100-150kg made $1.66 $2.88kg/LW.
R1 Friesian bulls fetched $1.78-$2.58 kg/LW and R1 heifers 150-200kg realised $1.97-$2.53kg/LW, with 90-130kg heifers returning $2.35-$3.42kg/LW.
A lift in export schedules helped the cattle market at the Tuesday prime cattle and sheep sale.
Heavy steers sold for $1.68-$1.71kg/LW and medium made $1.62-$1.67kg/LW.
Light cows traded at $0.70-$0.95kg/LW, medium $1.04-1.06kg/LW and heavy cows fetched $1.08-$1.14kg/LW.
Heavy bulls sold at $1.30kg/LW and light $1.45kg/LW.
Pallister said very few prime sheep came forward and a lack of feed brought more store lambs into market.
In the prime lamb pens, heavy sorts made $85 to $87, medium $72-$76 and light $65-$67.
Heavy store lambs traded at $53 to $57, medium made $44-$50 and small $34 to $38.
Mixed-age ewes sold for $66 to $68.
There was only a small sale of 400 cows at Kaikohe last Wednesday, but keen interest from southern buyers and a schedule lift helped prices, PGG Wrightson agent Vaughan Vujcich reported.
Two-year steers made $1.68-$1.76/kgLW, while autumn-born whiteface steers made $2.49/kgLW and lighter $2.80-$3.00/kgLW. Bulls sold for $1.60-$1.65/kgLW with weaner bulls fetching $340 to $360.
Two-year heifers went for $1.65-$1.71/kgLW, weaner heifers fetching $360-$380 and lighter $280-$210. Beef cows made $1.00-$1.10/kgLW with dairy types earning $0.95/kgLW.

With recent wet conditions and an easing dollar, confidence was very high and bidding keen on smaller amounts of cattle on offer at the Pukekohe sale on Saturday, January 23.
Medium sorts of 15-month steers sold well to $702 and weaners sold extra well, with steers to $460 and heifers $353. The few killable cattle on offer sold really well too, with keen buyers present.
Best medium prime steers traded at $1062, medium 15-month steers made $638-$702, light Friesian steers sold for $475, good weaner steers $415-$460, medium weaner steers $342-$380 and very small steers went for $245.
Eighteen-month heifers realised $580-$682, weaner heifers made $338-$355 and very small heifers $232-$308.
Boner cows went under the hammer for $270 and bulls made $815 to $1195.
A very hot, still day at Kumeu on Monday last week saw prices good on the few quality stock on offer, as is usual at the time of year. Lesser-quality stock was harder to sell.
Good 20 month steers sold to $690 and weaner heifers $585.
Best 2-year steers made $1048, good 20-month steers traded at $650-$690, smaller steers $515-$545 and weaner steers attracted $330.
Store 15-month heifers made $545 and good weaner heifers $385. Boner cows fetched $515-$575.
In the sheep pens, lambs were auctioned for $13 to $80. Ewes made $17 to $47.

Only 400 cattle were on offer at Tuakau last Thursday but the market was very strong, Elders agent Keith West said.
Most classes were up by 10c/kgLW on the previous week, but 18-month heifers were up by 15c/kgLW, he said. Recent rain, "a little bit of grass" and a shortage of cattle had helped the market.
Thirty-month steers sold at $1.75-$1.82/kgLW and most 18-month steers earned $1.90-$2.00/kgLW. Weaner steers made $490-$560.
Eighteen-month heifers traded at $1.78-$1.90/kgLW, with weaner heifers making $275-$330. Weaner bulls sold at $270-$300.
At last Wednesday's prime sale, heavy steers returned $1.72-$1.80/kgLW and heifers $1.66-$1.72/kgLW.
Heavy cows earned $1.20-$1.30/kgLW, with medium cows making $1.11-$1.17/kgLW and lighter sorts $1.00-$1.05/kgLW.
A good number of bulls were on offer. They sold at $1.74-$1.84/kgLW, with many of the lighter bulls being bought as service bulls.
The market was also firm at last Monday's sheep sale. Good prime lambs earned $75-$85 and ewes $50-$55.

Just over 300 cattle came to Rangiuru last week and quality was not great. However, the demand was very firm, R2 steers, weaner steers and heifers benefiting from that demand.
Line size was quite small. All bar one pen of R2 steers tipped the scales at less than 400kg and sold at $665-$705, $1.94-$2.04/kgLW, the exception being a line of Angus which weighed 412kg and returned $740, $1.80/kgLW.
There was weight in the R3 steers, the best of which made $910-$985, $1.76-$1.79/kgLW.
Some heavy R3 heifers topped at $980, $1.54/kgLW, while $775-$835 bought other good heifers, $1.63-$1.73/kgLW.
Better R2 heifers went at $550-$620, $1.29-$1.76/kgLW and the mediums made $440-$460, $1.67-$1.68/kgLW.
A 204kg line of whiteface weaner steers reached $482, $2.36/kgLW, while $300-$395 bought the rest, $2.36-$4.02/kgLW.
Whiteface weaner bulls peaked at $400, $3.24/kgLW and Friesian bulls 109-113kg brought $235-$285, $2.09-$2.61/kgLW, with three 117kg Jersey bulls making $365, $3.13/kgLW.
All whiteface weaner heifers fetched $245-$300, $2.00-$2.95/kgLW and 228kg Charolais heifers made $555, $2.43/kgLW.
Sheep numbers were small at 700. Store lambs made to $55.50 from $34 and prime lambs recorded a high of $96.50 and a low of $60. A few ewes went at $38-$63.50.

With the scales at Frankton out of action last week, details of CPK rates were not available for the very small number of cattle that were put up.
Expert opinion held that prices were a little stronger than the previous week, with good heavy ox making $1320 to $1375 and all lots exceeded $1000.
Best heifers fetched $690-$800 and of the boner cows, the largest group sold at $400-$685.
A good entry of prime ewes saw prices go to $70 for young ewes and the entry average $49.25. Light ewes were down to $20. Prime lambs made to $90 from $65.50 and store lambs were $47-$60.
The same difficulties with the cattle scales continued for last Wednesday's store sale.
Fortunately only a handful of cattle came forward, fewer than 200. Most were of medium quality, but local farmers, with grass a-plenty, kept values very firm.
A couple of pens of R3 steers attracted $767-$820, while R2 steers, mainly whiteface, fetched $620-$750.
Friesian R3 bulls made $750-$840 and younger Friesian bulls traded at $660-$710, with Friesian-cross bulls making $535-$650.
Weaner bulls traded at $402-$490 and some R3 heifers went at $622-$680. R2 heifers made $560-$575. Cows with calves sold at $1100.

Even with the drop in the schedule the market lifted 5 to 10 cents at Stratford last Tuesday, with young bulls selling well.
Prime Hereford/Friesian steers 548.1kg traded at $1.75/kgLW and prime Hereford-cross steers 607.5kg made $1.72/kgLW.
Thirty-month Angus-cross steers 660kg made $1.75/kgLW, 30mth Hereford/Friesian steers 604kg $1.745/kgLW.
Store cows: Friesian 497.5-573.3kg $1.03-$1.16/kgLW, Friesian-cross 447.5-465kg $1.03-$1.085/kgLW, Jersey 370-400kg $0.805-$0.885/kgLW, crossbred 515kg $1.01/kgLW.
In calf Ayrshire cows 440kg $0.95/kgLW, in calf crossbred cows 435kg $1.01/kgLW.
Empty Friesian heifers 516.7kg $1.58/kgLW. Two-year Hereford/Friesian rig 530kg $1.73/kgLW.
Bulls, 3-year: Angus 567.5-680kg $1.75-$1.80/kgLW, Hereford 688.3-763.3kg $1.62-$1.805/kgLW, Jersey 525-550kg $1.57-$1.59/kgLW, Murray Grey 650-750kg $1.76-$1.81/kgLW.
Bulls, 2-year: Angus 522.5-660kg $1.76-$1.81/kgLW, Jersey 415-515kg $1.44-$1.655/kgLW, Simmental 565-605kg $1.70/kgLW, Friesian 475-600kg $1.66-$1.725/kgLW, crossbred 467.5-537.5kg $1.59-$1.65/kgLW, Dutch Galloway-cross 550kg $1.66/kgLW, Hereford 572.5-652.5kg $1.74-$1.80/kgLW, Murray Grey 510.6kg $1.76/kgLW, Hereford/Friesian 570kg $1.70/kgLW.
Bulls, 18-month: Shorthorn 435kg $1.56/ kgLW, Hereford 505kg $2.09/kgLW,
Jersey 335-385kg $790-$845, Ayrshire 360kg $670.
Bulls, 15-month: Jersey 340-398.3kg $800-$810, Jersey-cross 440kg $1.55/kgLW.
A strong market on all classes of cattle was a feature at last Wednesday's Taranaki Livestock Centre sale.
Thirty-month Angus/Friesian steers 462.5-545kg were auctioned for $820-$940.
Steers, 2-year: Crossbred 410-426.7kg $620-$690, Friesian 555kg $95 Angus/Friesian 355kg $555.
Two-year Angus-cross heifers 380kg made $595, 2-year Shorthorn heifers 475kg $815.
Ayrshire cow and calf 445kg sold at $460. Eighteen-month Hereford/Friesian bulls 530kg made $900.
Steers, 15-month: Angus/Friesian 328.3kg $680, Friesian 405kg $590, Murray Grey-cross 347.5kg $640, crossbred 340kg $520, Shorthorn-cross 300kg $430, Hereford/Friesian 293.3kg $660. Hereford bull 250kg $450.
Heifers, 15-month: Hereford-cross 301.7kg $525, Ayrshire 257.5kg $370, rwb Friesian 330kg $505, crossbred 270kg $335, Angus-cross 325kg $542.
Steers, weaner: Charolais-cross 126.7kg $425, Shorthorn-cross 120kg $405, Hereford/Friesian 128.3kg $440, Simmental-cross/Friesian 107.5kg $400, Simmental-cross 131.7kg $435, Angus-cross 217.5kg $375.
Heifers, weaner: Charolais-cross 132.5kg $382, Angus 160-255kg $365-$465, crossbred 192.5kg $405.
Bulls, weaner: Jersey 185kg $350, Hereford/Friesian 125kg $420, Angus-cross 138.8kg $400.
Sheep: Prime lambs $70-$80.50, shorn ram lambs $30-$39, mixed-sex woolly lambs $67, ewe lambs $40-$51.50, ram lambs $50-$54, mixed-sex lambs $28.
Two-tooth ewes $52.50, mixed-age ewes $50-$64, mixed-age woolly ewes $63.

The second Matawhero ewe fair last week produced results just as satisfactory as the first. More than 6300 were penned and the buying strength was such that many more were wanted.
A capital stock flock attracted keen bidding, with 250 4-tooth Romney ewes making $113, 269 6-tooth ewes $87 and 245 4-year ewes $76.50. The only line of 100 Perendale 2-tooth ewes sold at $126.
While there were some very good sheep penned, overall quality was slightly below that of the previous fair and there tended to be more ewes in the older age groups. Even those were keenly contested for, with 1-year ewes making over $70.
Good bold 5-year Romney ewes made to $90, selling from $74 and mixed-age Perendales fetched $71-$73.
Good 6-year ewes made $73 to $75.50 and a line of 6-year Coopdales with a 180% lambing history went at $75. Buying strength was largely regional.

The best yarding of store lambs to grace Matawhero saleyards this year saw 2900 very nice lambs produce outstanding results for vendors at last Friday's sale.
Of those, 2600 lambs came from just three vendors with one sending in 1452, another 650 and a third, 489.
Ten of the first 20 lines sold at $70 to $77, with 14 out of 33 total offerings making those figures.
Heavier lines were bought for $2.11-$2.38/kgLW, regardless of sex and some were even more expensive, making $2.54-$2.74/kgLW.
Bidding was highly spirited, with local farmers competing against outside interests, some top lambs going to Raetihi.
Condition and health were good across the whole yarding, with few smaller lambs and no poor specimens.
The better sorts ranged from 30kg to 35.5kgLW and only one or two were below 24kgLW. A very small line of heavy killable ram lambs topped at $85.
Prime sheep numbers were well down at 158 in total, with ewes making $55.50 to $60, lambs $65-$84 and 2-tooths $62-$63.50.
Average 5-year ewes went at $54-$64.50 and 2-tooths at $85, while store ewes traded at $44 to $56.50.
With great rainfall across the Poverty Bay region, lambs will be hard to find.

The demand for breeding ewes was again highlighted at Stortford Lodge on January 22, when just over 4000 2-tooth ewes were penned.
Agents described the sale as very good when the overall quality was taken into account. There were some very good lines, but most were of fair average style.
The top sheep were knocked down at $120-$142.50, with Romneys favoured. $100-$104 took quite a few lots and there were only a few sold at less than $90. Three lines of 4-tooth ewes made $63-$98.
Faulty scales may have disrupted Frankton's sales, but it was thunderstorms that interrupted proceedings at Stortford Lodge on Wednesday last week.
The cattle rostrum was packed, more because of good numbers of outsiders than the weather and they had to compete with a strong contingent of local farmers whose grass is almost out of control. The result? A very strong sale for the 460 cattle offered.
Good Angus and Angus-cross cows with calves all made $1065 to $1130 and most lots of R2 steers exceeded $2.00/kgLW. Good Angus-cross steers brought $808-$890, $1.97-$2.24/kgLW and similar, but lighter, steers went at $730-$750, $2.19-$2.30/kgLW. Some heavier lines at 412-460kg made $825-$860, $1.86-$1.98/kgLW.
Regardless of breed, all R3 heifers traded at $695-$750, $1.62-$1.83/kgLW and good R2 heifers brought $750-$850, $1.65-$1.95/kgLW. Medium heifers went at $65-$742, $1.79-$1.95/kgLW.
Weaner bulls, mostly Friesian, fetched $300-$365, $2.99-$3.22/kgLW.
Rain encouraged the store lamb market, with many lines $2-$3/head more expensive than the previous week.
Male lambs, 30kg and better, sold at $67-$72 and even very small males made $53, all between $2.05/kgLW and $2.95/kgLW.
Ewe lambs followed the same trend, with $78 the highest bid, while middle weights made $59-$64 and small $48-$52, again, all well over $2.00/kgLW. Mixed-sex lambs sold at similar levels in a small yarding of around 1700 head.

Store lamb values increased significantly last Friday at Feilding.
Agents reported a $7-$8/head lift in prices paid for longer-term, smaller-type store lambs, and a $3-$4/head lift in medium lambs.
The top lambs sold at up to $80/head, more than their slaughter value at current schedule levels.
Numbers were also back on the previous week, reflecting the higher-than-usual feed levels in the Manawatu region at present.

Prices for prime lambs took a significant lift at last week's Canterbury Park sale.
PGG Wrightson sources said heavy lambs fetched $95-$104, with exceptional sales to $124 and the next cut made $86-$93. Medium lambs earned $77-$84 and lighter prime lambs realised $70-$76.
There was a larger yarding of prime ewes last week and prices for these remained firm. Heavy ewes were selling for $70-$85, while medium types made $58-$65. Lighter prime ewes earned $50-$58 and store ewes fetched $40-$50.
Prices for store lambs also lifted by $5-$6, with the best forward stores making $63-$68, while medium types were auctioned for $58-$62. Lighter lambs went under the hammer for $52-$56.
In the cattle pens, prime steers fetched $1.64-$1.81/kgLW, while heifers earned $1.58-$1.71/kgLW. Cows made $1.00-$1.10/kgLW.
The first calves of the season went up for sale at last week's store cattle sale.
Steer calves sold for $2.20-$2.75/kgLW while heifer calves made $1.85-$2.30/kgLW.
Store steers went under the hammer for $1.75-$2.05/kgLW and heifers earned $1.67-$1.88/kgLW.

A smaller yarding of prime lambs sold on a par with the previous sale at Tinwald last week, while a large gallery of buyers and buoyant bidding pushed store lamb prices up $2-3/head, PGG Wrightson livestock representatives said.
Heavy prime lambs fetched up to $106, with medium types returning $83-$95 and lighter lambs selling from $73-$82.
Prime ewes had a strong sale, with good cutting ewes earning $70-$75, medium $62-$68 and lighter sorts in good demand, selling from $46 to $50.
Advertised lines of store lambs sold before a strong gallery, with prices generally ranging from $35 to $67. Halfbred wether lambs earned $55-$72 and Romney-cross ewe lambs sold from $59 to $67.

A big yarding of store lambs met a strong market at Temuka last week, with a large gallery of buyers following the sale that saw prices lift $5/head on the previous week.
Prime lambs also strengthened $5/head, while prime cattle generally held firm across the board on the previous week's sale, PGG Wrightson livestock manager Joe Higgins said.
The best of the store lambs fetched $61-$71, while medium types returned $53-$60 and smaller lambs $45-$52.
Heavy prime lambs returned $95-$108, medium $80-$94 and light $72-$79.
One-shear ewes saw the best selling from $85 to $96, medium $78-$84 and light $57-$65. Adult ewes held steady on the previous sale with heavy types earning $75-$90, medium $65-$72, light $58-$64 and stores $45-$55.
Prime steers 600-750kg returned $1.59-$1.64/kgLW, 480-600kg $1.59-$1.79/kgLW, 400-480kg $1.63-$1.65/kgLW and dairy types 500-620kg $1.45-$1.64/kgLW.
Heifers 500-650kg earned $1.50-$1.73/kgLW, 450-500kg $1.45-$1.52/kgLW and dairy sorts $1.30-$1.50/kgLW.
Bulls 800kg-plus sold from $1.06 to $1.10/kgLW, 700-800kg $1.45-$1.58/kgLW, 550-700kg $1.52-$1.64/kgLW and 440-550kg $1.40-$1.53/kgLW.
Heavier beef cows lifted on the previous sale, earning $1.06-$1.18/kgLW, with lighter types selling at $1.03-$1.07/kgLW. Dairy cows sold up to $1.10/kgLW.
The meat and wool breeds ram fair was a mediocre sale, with around half of the 84 rams entered being sold.
Better-quality meat breeds met reasonable demand from a small gallery of buyers, but lesser-quality types attracted few or no bids.
The best prices ranged from $400 to $550 for South Suffolk, Suffolk and Suffolk Texels, with the rest around the $300 mark or returned home.
Contrary to the ram fair, the 2-tooth and ewe lamb fair on Wednesday attracted a strong following of buyers from North Canterbury to Southland.
While the sale average price was up on the previous year, the top prices in respective breeds were down $2-$3/head.
The best price of the 2-tooth sale was a line of Romdales that fetched $177, while Borders also had a strong sale, selling at $170 or better and Romneys $150. A line of exceptional Coopworths fetched $178.
The best of the ewe lambs sold from $70 to $85 for Coopworths and Romneys, with a feature of the ewe lambs being a small line of well-grown Texels that sold up to $100.

An average-sized yarding of prime lambs and prime ewes at Balclutha last week sold of a par with previous sales, Barry Osborne of PGG Wrightson, Milton, said.
Heavy prime lambs made $87 to $95, medium $80-$85 and light sorts $68-$77.
Woolly prime ewes attracted $65-$71 for heavy sorts, while medium made $58 to $64 and light $47-$55. Lower-condition ewes sold for $40.
In the store sheep pens, top woolly store lambs made $62-$68, medium $55-$60 and light $47 to $52.
Top blackface lambs sold for $64 and medium made $53-$58.
Tail-End lambs went for $38 to $43.
Romney AD breeding ewes went for $76 and Coopworths made $72.
Osborne said a medium-sized yarding of average-quality store cattle was offered, with strong demand reflecting an abundance of feed at present.
R2 Friesian steers 469kg in good condition realised $710, $1.51/kgLW.
Cows with calves at foot ranged from $290 to $460 all counted.
R1 Angus-cross medium steers 346kg made $700, $2.02/kgLW. R1 Angus-cross medium heifers 340kg went under the hammer for $630, $1.851/kgLW.

Demand was firm for what was a large yarding of prime sheep at last week's Lorneville sale.
Heavy lambs fetched $78-$85, medium lambs earned $73-$76 and lighter types realised $50-$68.
Good quality 2-tooths were auctioned for $70-$80 and lighter 2-tooths made $40.
Heavy adult ewes sold for $62-$73, medium types earned $54-$60 and lighter ewes went under the hammer for $45-$52. Very light ewes realised $31-$42.
A line of Border Leicester-cross 1 and 2-year breeding ewes sold for $80.
The best forward store lambs fetched $62-$70, medium lambs earned $55-$60 and lighter lambs made $50-$53.
In the cattle section, a small yarding of prime cattle sold on a solid market.
Beef cross heifers 600kg realised $1.45-$1.55/kgLW and cows 550-620kg were auctioned for $0.90-$0.99/kgLW.
There was good demand for a large yarding of store cattle and 15-month beef heifers 330-410kg fetched $550-$640, while 2-year Charolais heifers 487kg made $775.
Two-year Charolais bulls 449kg sold for $690 and mixed-age Charolais cows and calves all counted earned $460.
Weaner beef-cross bulls 110kg fetched $310, weaner Friesian bulls 150-170kg made $300-$330 and weaner Friesian bulls 100-1390kg realised $260-$280.
The annual 2-tooth and ewe lamb fair will replace the normal Lorneville sale this week.
An abundance of grass in the region helped strengthen prices at last week's Charlton sale.
PGG Wrightson livestock representatives said there was a
good gallery of buyers bidding for store lambs and the best of the forward stores fetched $60-$64, while the next cut made $57-$60. Smaller store lambs earned $48-$53.
There was a large yarding of prime lambs and ewes on offer. Heavy prime lambs fetched $88-$93, medium types realised $80-$87 and lighter lambs sold for $70-$77.
Good quality 2-tooths earned $85, while heavy adult ewes were auctioned for $70-$75.
Medium adult ewes fetched $60-$66 and lighter types made $52-$58. Low-condition ewes sold for $35-$40.


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