Argentina - Global warming has nothing to do with farming !

26 Dec 2010



I am not an educated man rather a slaughterman who left school at the age of 15 to kill sheep and cattle in 1962.


However I remember the Black Country north of Birmingham and the stacks pouring out soot and smoke fro the mills and factories. Every house in England burning logs or coal as there was no smokeless fuel or cental heating.


I also remember the steam trains burning coal and every town had a gas works burning coke and realize full well how things improved in my lifetime. Then to have to listen to a wanker like Sting and his Indian mate with a bone in his nose talking about the Amazon rainforest made me investigate further.


There were millions of buffalo and bison roaming the plains of North America and billions of deer, gazelle, zebra’s and elephants roaming the whole of Africa .


In fact far more farting animals than we have today, I am not a scientist but would suggest a bellowing fart from an elephant after a good meal, would knock the socks off anything a steer or cow could do.


Then I began to wonder how we got from the Ice Age to today over millions of years and of course it was global bloody warming.


 So why all the fuss today and what concerns me, is why blame the farmers and their cattle. The answer of course is money the root of all evil.


I investigated carbon trading as was dumfounded at the billions of dollars changing hands on a daily basis, by market traders with not that much intelligence.


I raised the matter with the livestock editor of a well respected farm journal in Buenos Aires recently and he didn’t know what I was talking about. Yet the farm unions and farm ministries in global governments are extracting money from farmers by deception.


The IFA in Dublin have been blaming everything on Brazil which is just a ruse to try and stop Brazilian beef imports. So why has no one checked into this global warming rhetoric.


I will tell you why, because they farmers unions and farm journalists are not paying the bills their members and clients are. We are still using 60 year old regulations on FMD that does no harm to the meat and it could go into the food chain, as it does in China and Hong Kong .


No link has ever been proved between BSA and humans anywhere, yet the political ramifications on this one outstrip the health reasons. I was killing casualty cattle with the Staggers or BSE 45 years ago.


I handled the TB and Brucellosis reactor contracts in the north and south of Ireland for years with up to 600 cattle per week going strait into the food chain.


The recent dioxin scandal in Ireland , the pigs that had not been slaughtered could have had the Dioxins cleaned out of their systems in 5 days on a water diet.  God knows I have had a dose of the clap enough times to know how long it takes to get out of your system, far more serious than a few chemicals.


So what are these overweight, well dressed farm leaders actually doing except picking up good salaries. When you talk of Lobbying why not use the real word bribery. Most meat companies in the USA pay millions of dollars each year in Lobbying or bribery.



Look at the weather in Europe today and talk about global warming. In NZ we lost millions of lambs 6 weeks ago in freezing weather. In South Africa the maize harvest was damaged by frost in Spring. I West Australia frost damaged the wheat harvest.


Here in the Argentine we had the coldest winter since 1919 and the silly bloody farmers are paying for carbon emissions to prevent global warming.


I rest my case there in No such animal as Global Warming.


William Hayes

Meat Trade News Daily.

2 nd  December 2010










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