Philippines - Organic pigs

02 Oct 2010

  A new movement has called for a return to organic swine raising, citing the deleterious impact of large-scale commercial production which they said harms the environment.


Called the Natural Piggery Movement (NPM), the group said hog breeders have the responsibility of mitigating the harmful environmental effects of pig production.
Gil Carandang, NPM convenor, said his movement aims to strike a balance among pork production, food safety and environmental protection through what he described as the natural way of raising
Carandang argued that natural standards for hog raising are based on sustainable and practical approaches within the context of available resources and the current breeding system.
The NPM convenor explained that naturally raised pigs are healthier and safer since no chemicals and antibiotics are used.
Naturally-grown pigs are more expensive than the production line hogs churned out by commercial piggers but Carandang said a market for them would expand as the world hankers for organic food products.
Carandang has scheduled the press launch of the movement Friday, Sept. 24, with a visit to the farm of Randy Bizuela, a natural hog farming advocate, at Barangay San Jose in Antipolo City.
Among those scheduled to talk during the launch are Agriculture Assistant Secretary Davinio Catbagan, Santeh President Philip Ong and Carandang.
NPM membership is open to both consumers and producers.

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