NZ - Wool export council

01 Nov 2010

The general manager of New Zealand Wool Services Mr John Dawson was elected president of the New Zealand Wool Exporters Council.
Wool Services is New Zealand’s largest exporter buying a third of the national clip and exporting it to mills in 30 countries. He succeeds John Henderson of Fuhrmann NZ, who stepped down from the presidency after five years, at the wool exporters AGM recently.
This is an exciting time to represent exporters. Wool prices are at a 14 year high and the exporters have been instrumental in linking New Zealand crossbred wool with the other wool growing countries of the world in the global Campaign for Wool, which has Prince Charles as its spokesperson, Mr Dawson said.
We have drawn together private wool buyers who recently united under the WoolFirst brand and members of the woolbrokers’ association. These groups, along with our members, are funding New Zealand’s contribution of a quarter of a cent for every kg of wool that is bought and sold. Growers are not being asked to fund this initiative, which gained massive publicity and exposure in Britain a fortnight ago.
It is refreshing to see wool promotion back on the table and the industry at grower level gaining the benefits of this investment, Mr Dawson said. The Campaign for Wool has the potential to spread into 20 other big wool consuming countries and already the British are planning next year’s event.


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